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Plantable Coffee Cups Embedded With Seeds Grow Into Trees When Thrown Away

By September 5, 2019August 8th, 2021No Comments

Reduce. Reuse. Grow.

Have an ingenious new type of coffee cup with seeds inside the walls

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With all the negative (and very real) environmental concerns across the planet, it’s very positive to highlight some of the amazing and environmentally effective innovations being developed across the globe.

One such innovation is an amazing idea that really proves that anything is possible with the right motivation and solution! A small team based in California, which goes by the name of Reduce. Reuse. Grow. , a start-up company, has devised an ingenious new type of coffee cup with seeds inside the walls. You can plant the cup when you are finished using the cup and the seeds will grow!

The really clever thing that is clever about this cup – apart from the obvious environmental benefit – is that the seeds included in the cups will be local to the region in which the cups are sold, so that the plants grown are appropriate for the local ecosystem.  The seeds embedded within the material can be used for reforestation in local communities.   This ensures your coffee cup will grow and flourish in your own backyard.

Once you’re done with the coffee cup, the process is easy, all you do is unravel the used cup and soak it in water for 5 minutes. Next, head out into the garden, it’s time to plant the soaked cup and watch it grow.

We are all consumers and as a result we produce so much waste. Just think about all of the rubbish you create in your own home, now multiply that by your street, neighbourhood, and entire city. Part of this waste is coffee cups..

You might feel you’re doing a good thing recycling your coffee cups, but this doesn’t actually solve the problem, it just helps slow it down. This is how billions of coffee cups end up in landfills, even if they were originally recycled. The creators of plantable coffee cups wanted to create something that offered a better solution to recycling. The idea for creating a cup that can be planted as opposed to thrown away is the perfect solution. Simply drinking coffee could someday soon help landscape communities. The coffee cup can biodegrade within 180 days, transforming into native flowers and trees.

With clever innovations like this, it really might be possible to turn around some of our greatest waste problems.

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CEO of Reduce.Reuse.Grow, Alex Henige

“We have done testing with only a handful of native seeds here in California as related to coffee heat. We have had no problem with their germination due to the fact that they are not coming in direct contact with the coffee itself”

180 days

to decompose

1-4 weeks

germination time

1 cup

Grows at least 1 tree

1 tree

Will extract 1 ton of CO2 over 40 years